Friday, July 5, 2013

'Til Next Time

Before Corey left, we took some pictures while spending our last few minutes together. I'm really, really glad we took these because I'll probably end up looking at them a ton in the coming months!

These were some of my favorites. Excuse the mush.

And we can't leave this one out...

Byeeee, for now! I'll look forward to every day because life throws the unexpected at you, and because  some people don't have a choice in what they have to do. I'll wake up and take care of myself because I have a crazy awesome life ahead of me, and because one day soon I'll be in your arms again.


  1. Very sweet photos! I wish you the best of luck, I know it will be hard! If you ever need someone to hang out with (vent to?), let me know, I'm in Columbia on most weekends :)


    1. We totally have to hang out soon! I've only been to Greenville once or twice (and it's beautiful) so I don't mind traveling either. I'm about to e-mail you my number!

  2. Beautiful photos :) So sorry y'all have to be apart for awhile!

  3. Very cute photos. It must be hard to be apart but in the end it's worth it.
    Tell him Thanks for serving for me!

  4. Very sweet! Glad you took the time to take these :) Treasure them!


  5. :D So sweet and sad. The mush is good. You look beautiful. That's gotta be so hard! I mean, being apart sucks, but he's so far! And you can't easily visit.