Friday, August 30, 2013

August in Instagram

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It's crazy how this time a month ago, I was having such a rough time and feeling so unhappy. Things have definitely turned around. I know I keep saying how busy I am, but I do think it's a good change! I'm really looking forward to the rest of this year and accomplishing lots of goals. I've been slacking real hard on my 24 before 24, but I'm ready to start knocking things off the list! I quit using tobacco regularly almost a week ago, and I've been doing really well with the exception of last night. Oops! It's still an improvement, and I can't wait until I can say I'm smoke free. Ahh!

Last night I hung out with Leah from We Live Upstairs and her husband and we had a blast! They came over during the Carolina game and then we went out with some friends afterward. I'm also supposed to hang out with Rachel from Floral Prints and Common Sense either tomorrow or Sunday, so that's exciting! Making new friends is an awesome feeling. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Outfit: Garnet & Black

Life surely hasn't slowed down. Not one bit. How do people blog with full time jobs? I don't understand! Haha. I'm working on a new schedule for myself and improving on how I spend my time. I feel like I waste so much of it! After my double at work today, USC plays their first game of the season so I'm excited to get home, see some friends, and watch football!

I realized today that I have nothing garnet (one of the USC colors) in my closet. This cardigan was the only thing, and it's a friend's! Sounds like I need to do some shopping. ;)

outfit details
cardigan: borrowed from a friend
top: Kohl's
jeans: TJ Maxx
shoes: Kohl's

Looking at these pictures makes me realize how long my hair has gotten. Almost two years ago, I shaved my head and it has taken me that long to get my hair where it is now. I'd really like to do a post on how I shaved my head and the effects it had on me. It sounds like a silly thing, but it really changed me! I cannot wait for it to grow more, especially since this is the longest it's ever been!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Outfit: Land of Savages

If you follow me in Instagram, you might have noticed I got a new 'do! I've been thinking about getting Bettie bangs for a while now, and I finally decided to go for it. After a couple of days, I got used to them and I'm so glad I finally did it. Now the Emma Stone comparisons have switched to Katy Perry, which I like a little better but don't think I resemble either!

I really wish I had gotten a back detail of this dress because I love it! I got this dress for ten dollars at Target, and while I really dig the style and fit, it's kind of annoying to wear. The buttons always come undone. I wore this to work yesterday and every time I carried products to the front of the salon, I noticed my top button was undone. Even more embarrassing, I was talking with a client for almost ten minutes completely unaware!

outfit details
dress: Target
belt: thrifted
socks: Target
shoes: Urban Outfitters

Monday, August 19, 2013


We still haven't finished unpacking and organizing things since Corey only has one functional hand and I've been working every chance I get. Even though not having things in their places drives me a little crazy, I thought I'd share a few pictures!

I love the stained glass above each door in the hallway! It was one of the things I loved most about a house we lived in before, so it was one of the first things I noticed about this place.

We brought Grizzly here yesterday and it feels awesome to have him with me again! He's hardly touched his food except when I give it to him from my hand, and gets really scared walking around (to the point of shaking)! It's sad to see but I hope he's just missing his sister back at my parents' house and gets adjusted soon.

I really like the way our kitchen has come together. I mean, I've been collecting kitchen stuff for years. I'm just waiting on a retro kitchen booth to get in the corner and I'm thinking that will be the first tour I do of the house! We didn't have much furniture getting ready to move except some estate sale finds, but my parents happened to get new furniture, so yesterday we finally got everything arranged the best we could. 

I know that we're just starting out and it takes a while to acquire pieces that I truly enjoy, and I cannot wait for that! Blue couch, I will have you one day...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Forever Slacking

Before I start, here's a picture of me currently. Typing this as I sit waiting for Corey to get his surgery started.

I'll start from the beginning of my mental list of reasons I haven't been posting. Corey got (honorably) discharged from his deployment. I feel like there's been a lot of talk surrounding the reasons for his coming home, so I won't hash out any details here. It's also pretty personal but I'll just say that we're both so glad he's home. After he got home, we had a lot of things to take care of; Getting him a new car and getting me signed up for school, which starts September second. Wooo! 

We also found a house to rent, and moved in within three days of looking at it. That was a very chaotic time, especially because I've been working a lot! We moved in almost a week ago, and most things are still in boxes. BEYOND ANNOYING... Anyway, so the landlords were supposed to finish remodeling our bathroom by last Sunday, and yesterday we were told it'd be another week. We were supposed to get a new toilet but instead were given and old-ass-new toilet. And that's just the beginning of the toilet talk.

Corey was trying to put a new toilet seat on it, but was having a hard time getting it off because the damn thing was rusted. But he's not a quitter if you know what I mean. Ahem... He's stubborn. So after 45 minutes of messing with it, the toilet cracked to the bottom and started leaking dirty old toilet water everywhere (GROSS) and he went to put a trash can under the leak and sliced his finger open on the porcelain. Ensuing lots of blood and yelling and hearts beating too fast. We went to the ER and spent the last five days trying to get a surgery scheduled. He tore a tendon in his hand, and since he does construction, it's very important that he had the surgery by day 7 or he'd have permanent nerve damage.  Today's day 6 so we barely made it, thanks to Tricare. Not. 

Sorry for the long story but I felt like I should let y'all know where I've been! And things will return to normal soon, I promise. I hope you all have a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jumping Picture with a Stranger #2

My mom, sisters, and I have a tradition of going to see Keith Urban every year that he plays in town. (Okay, actually my mom is totally in love with the guy. Sorry mom, it's true!) This year was no exception, so about two weeks ago we rode up to Charlotte, NC to see him play. After a few tall boys, we made semi friends with the lady standing next to us, mostly joking around at the expense of the REALLY wasted dude in front of us. I have a video... but I'd be evil to post it.

It's always weird explaining myself, especially why we have to be jumping in the picture! Haha. Probably one of the weirdest goals I've ever had, but hey, at least I'm 20% done.

Blurry, grainy, drunken goodness.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fab 50

So I got one of the greatest emails ever the other day... ModCloth is having a Fab 50 sale with thousands of styles over fifty percent off. I immediately was like, "I'm getting a credit card!" Haha. Not really, but I need one. There are hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of things I'd like to get my hands on. Life just isn't fair sometimes, so I made a small wish list of some things I'd buy in dreamland.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

I'm pretty sure I've already posted the Alright With Me shoes in a wish list before, but they're just so daggum awesome! I really have shopping fever right now if it's not totally obvious! Have you purchased anything from the ModCloth sale? I'd love to see. :)