Saturday, June 29, 2013

June in Instagram

June... I'm glad you're almost gone. I can finally start to transition into this deployment thing, and it's nice to have a fresh month to start moving forward. I work my first day (kinda) at my new job this morning at the Soda City Market! We're having a soft opening, and I'll be there getting people in the door to view some art and hopefully my jewelry, too. Exciting!

Anyway, here's some of the good that happened this month via Instagram.

trying out bettie bangs // view on the way to the IMAX // hangin' with my pal

new zipper pouches // punishment for throwing Grizzly in the pool // <3

hangin' with my sister's dog // pretty beach walk // having a good day

I'm going to the beach with a friend today and I can't wait! I love having a cold beer in my hand and letting the waves crash all around me. I think it's one of the best feelings. Although, when Corey and I were walking on the beach last weekend, a guy had caught 5 baby sharks in an hour so that makes me a little bit nervous. Oh well!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Outfit: Dotted Up

Sometimes you just wanna look cute even if you're cleaning up the house and hanging out with your pup. Sometimes you're determined to have a good day even though you had bad dreams again. Sometimes my blue polka dot shorts make all the difference in my day!

outfit details
bandeau: eBay
camisole: Forever 21
shorts: local boutique

Happy Friday everyone! Here's to the weekend and hopefully some good sleep.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Chance!

I just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow is your last chance to win some cute stuff from my shop! The giveaway on Laura's blog, Caseta de Paper, is ending tomorrow night. Click the picture to enter!

*Also, I added a sale section to my shop, where everything is four or six dollars! I will most likely be taking them down after a week or so and selling them at a market, so go check it out! :)*

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life Lately

Hotel life.

Some pins from around the country and my favorite travel bag.

Corey and I found a new place out of town that only serves local SC beers! We loved Homegrown Brewhouse. After going all over the country, it's important to me that communities, towns, and states support each other.

Moe Monday. That is all.

I came home and found this cutie all wrapped up in my fabric.

Drinking expensive drinks and taking pictures in direct sunlight. Someone wasn't amused!

Sullivan's Island lighthouse.

Corey is officially gone, so yesterday a friend and I went to Forever 21 where I drowned my sorrows in a new pair of polka dot shorts. I also had an interview for a salon downtown, and I think I got the job because at the end she told me she loved me and gave me a hug! Best interview ever.

It's easy to feel down right now, but I'm doing the best that I can to stay positive and just look forward. To an awesome future and personal growth. To true friends and contentment. Life is truly a wonderful thing.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Outfit: Nautical Daydream

I've spent far too much time in this hotel room for the past two days, which has resulted in (browser) window shopping. I've definitely gained a lot of inspiration for the style I'd like to take on, but the problem is that I don't have the funds! It's good to have about 100 things I want to buy but the result is that I feel about as broke as I am. Anyway, here's an outfit I put together!
top: John Lewis // jeans: ModCloth // shoes: ModCloth // clutch: ASOS // ring: ModCloth

I've read so many reviews on the Karaoke Songstress jeans and I've decided that I have to have them. I know that it's about to be unbearably hot outside, but me no care! I'm actually on the verge of having to buy every thing in this outfit. I'm in love. Ahh...

Money, please come my way.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Sick-Sweet Giveaway!

I wanted to let you guys know that one of my lovely sponsors is hosting a giveaway for two items from my handmade shop, Sick-Sweet, on her blog today! Go over to her blog, Caseta de Paper, to enter. :)

I'm also having a summer sale right now, so take 10% off any order you place from now until July 5th!! Use the coupon code "summer10" at checkout! If you post about the giveaway or the sale on your blog, comment with the link and your e-mail and I'll send you a special discount code! :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Outfit: Whirlwind

I took these outfit pictures the other day, just after a storm when the wind started picking up. By the end of the shoot, my hair was in so many knots! I originally wanted to do a rainy day outfit with a vintage umbrella I found, and my favorite/only rain boots, but when I was ready, it wasn't raining anymore! It's a hard life...

outfit details
top: thrifted vintage
dress: thrifted vintage
belt: from another dress

I love this dress so much. It's perfect by itself with some jewelry, good with tights in the winter, and with shirts underneath. I love it even more because it's the dress I was wearing when Corey proposed to me! Speaking of the husband, I've been staying in an extended hotel this week, so posts are lacking a little bit. Our internet is super slow. I promise my life is about to get real boring, so you'll be seeing much more of me soon. ;)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Separation Anxiety.

Sometimes when my friends complain about their problems, I just don't understand. The solution to a problem has always been pretty easy for me to figure out. When you are dealing with your own happiness, your heart always knows the right answer. It may be buried down under impulse decisions and temporary relief, but the answers are always there. All you have to do is try. Usually, problems are something you created or had participation in creating and are easily fixed. People are dealt shitty hands, and sometimes we have no control over them. And sometimes, us people with shitty hands are tired of hearing about your unnecessary issues. We would trade for them any day.

I know that I'm not much to be around lately, but I'm trying to be okay with that. Should I be okay with that? I know that I'm facing a wide range of emotions and everyone deals with their problems differently. I know that my life has been a battle I've always won, and I've never backed down to a fight... but some days, I can hardly lift my head from the pillow. Some days, I can't even look in the mirror. Some days, all I need is a friend.

I say that I'm trying to be okay with it because this separation is inevitable. During the first few weeks, I probably won't answer calls. I won't exercise. I'll eat whatever my sad heart desires. I'm trying to be ready for it. I'm already losing strength. But something in me says, "SHUT UP!" Why am I accepting defeat and sadness when it doesn't have to be that way? Maybe I give up too easily. Maybe this won't be that bad.

Before he started training, I was a little bit excited. I had a good job that I loved and I had a brand new goal list. When we came back from our road trip, I was broke and he was gone a lot. I didn't have anything to look forward to and all I could think is that there's this big, beautiful world out there and I'm still living inside the house I grew up in, and in the town that I cannot stand. Who says I can't still travel or see new things? Develop new and better friendships? My whole life, I've been dying to get out of this town/state but I have no real reasons to hate it. I have friends here, some who I've known since middle school, and that's a good feeling.

South Carolina is actually a beautiful place, and maybe I would know more about that if I got off my ass and explored instead of staying in my house crying about it. I don't really know where I'm going with this. I want it to be a promise to stop sulking and feeling sorry for myself, to take active steps in ensuring my happiness, to remember that I've got so much to be thankful for. I've just had some feelings I needed to get off my chest and somehow it makes me feel a little better to post it for the world to see.

*These photos are part of a set of beautiful wedding photos found here.*

Monday, June 17, 2013

Treasures #1

I'd like to think I score some pretty good deals when thrifting. I go all kinds of places like the flea market, yard sales, antique stores, thrift shops, and (my favorite) estate sales. I usually show up late to the yard sales, around 10 or 11, because most of the time the prices have been cut! Sometimes I'll go early and scout around, and if I make note of something I'll go back later and see if I can get it cheaper. I've found that usually the types of things I'm looking for go overlooked by everyone else. ;)

small Pyrex dish // $5

pretty stove pots // $1 each

70's blouse // $1

Pyrex tableware // $.50 each

belts for making cuff bracelets // $1.50

I'm going to start doing a "treasures" collection where I post some things that I've thrifted recently. I've been super busy lately, but I see a lot of free time on my hands in the coming months. I'll probably do these once or twice a month. Who knows, I might go a little bit crazy and have to make it a weekly thing! Have you found any awesome thrift finds? I'd love to see! Just leave a link in the comments. :)

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Outfit: On Earth With You

Lately I've been really into wearing sheer tops. I've usually worn a bandeau underneath, but this time I chose a sports bra and it's so much more comfortable! I've been eyeing circle skirts online for a while and finally found a really good deal on eBay, and waited three weeks for it to arrive. There were two in the package, and I actually got charged for both of them. Sigh. The worst part is that the skirt is fit for a figureless teenager, so it fits very snug on the waist, and way too short. I had biking shorts on underneath.

Besides the fact that I was suffocating in the skirt, I had to make an outfit out of it and take pictures! I love the royal blue color, and it's perfect for brightening up a mainly black outfit. I'll definitely be purchasing another bright colored skirt, after trying it on of course. No more eBay shopping!

Outfit details:
Top: Target
Skirt: eBay
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Necklace: handmade, on my Etsy soon!
Clutch: handmade

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Kindle Case

Today I have a tutorial for you guys! Last week, I made a felt case for my Kindle and I love it. I already had a hard cover for it, but I thought I'd make something a little prettier in an attempt to pick it up more often. This tutorial is very simple and doesn't require a sewing machine.

Materials needed:
Piece of felt 14'' long and 8.5" wide
Needle and thread
Two buttons
Embroidery floss

First, you're going to lay your Kindle on top of the felt, and make sure that you have about 2 inches of leftover material after folding felt over the Kindle.

You can use a pin to hold the felt in place, but I didn't. I sewed by hand up the sides of the felt.

After completing the other side, your case should look like this:

Sew your buttons on. I was going to use matching buttons but since my case was black, I decided to tacky it up a bit and use mismatching ones! After sewing them in place, take your embroidery floss and tie a double knot to the top button.

Then wrap the floss around the buttons until secure. And you're done!

*This post was inspired by a DIY iPad case from Oh So Lovely, but adapted to my own style and measurements.*

If you decide to make one, I'd love to see! Just link to your post/pictures in the comments. :)