Monday, June 24, 2013

Outfit: Nautical Daydream

I've spent far too much time in this hotel room for the past two days, which has resulted in (browser) window shopping. I've definitely gained a lot of inspiration for the style I'd like to take on, but the problem is that I don't have the funds! It's good to have about 100 things I want to buy but the result is that I feel about as broke as I am. Anyway, here's an outfit I put together!
top: John Lewis // jeans: ModCloth // shoes: ModCloth // clutch: ASOS // ring: ModCloth

I've read so many reviews on the Karaoke Songstress jeans and I've decided that I have to have them. I know that it's about to be unbearably hot outside, but me no care! I'm actually on the verge of having to buy every thing in this outfit. I'm in love. Ahh...

Money, please come my way.

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  1. Yeah, I always do more window (browser) shopping when I'm broke :/ But...I love this outfit too! And I've wanted those jeans forever!

  2. Those jeans are so cute! And I love that clutch. I love everything nautical themed so this outfit is great :)
    Olive & Ivy

  3. Normally I only go for silver jewellery but that ring is gorgeous!

    1. I usually only like silver, too! I just recently started getting a little more used to wearing gold jewelry.