Thursday, June 27, 2013

Last Chance!

I just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow is your last chance to win some cute stuff from my shop! The giveaway on Laura's blog, Caseta de Paper, is ending tomorrow night. Click the picture to enter!

*Also, I added a sale section to my shop, where everything is four or six dollars! I will most likely be taking them down after a week or so and selling them at a market, so go check it out! :)*


  1. Wait.....did you go to Lexington High School? You look so familiar. Also I'm about to stalk your blog, because it's amazing so don't mind me commenting on old posts.

    1. I did!! Haha and thank you! What year did you graduate?

    2. I graduated '09 so I guess that's 2 years younger than you since on yer blawg it says you turned 24 this year and I'm 22 (Yeah, I stalked like I said I would, haha). I feel like you used to hang out with Mattie Wideman, and I had theatre classes with her (I remember faces really well).

    3. I actually graduated '08! I wasn't really friends with her, but I was/am friends with her ex-boyfriend, Mark! I pretty much kept to myself in school so I was oblivious to a lot haha. That's really cool, though. If you're ever in Cola again, let me know! I'd love to meet up! :)