Friday, May 24, 2013

Web Crushin'

1. "Period panties" from Harebrained, a Chicago based designer. These are called Bleeder of the Pack.

2. Larkspur hi-lo dress from Francesca's. Actually, I already bought this for a wedding I'm in this July!

3. Old Fashioned Shaving Set from Mr. Kitty's. I'm planning on getting this for my dad for Father's Day. Corey actually bought some of this stuff straight from the guy at the Fremont Market in Seattle, and I loved him!

4. Kate's post about being able to paint things because you would have never otherwise bought them. I hear things like this from people all the time. I actually scored an antique dresser at an estate sale that's pretty haggard right now, but will be gorgeous soon!

5. I saw this guy and his mom on one of those shows "My Crazy Obsession" or something, and I was so entertained, I stayed up until after 3 a.m. watching it! So oddly CUTE.

By the way, that is a capybara and they're the world's largest rodents. The lady spends the majority of her day taking care of her pet and costs more than I spend weekly on food for myself!


  1. I absolutely love those period panties! Such a great idea and so poignant ;)