Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Outfit: By The Lake

I'm so happy about this outfit post! I'm finally getting more used to being in front of the camera and using my tripod. I think I'm also getting better at editing my pictures.

I'm really proud of these pictures because it shows progression in coming out of my shell. Even if I took these on my own, I often have a hard time feeling ridiculous about things even when no one's around. That has to stop! I'm trying to be more outgoing and open to new things, and also to simply be more silly. I feel like I'm too serious a lot of times, and I don't want to be the kind of person who can't let loose and have a good time.

And one more, just for fun!

Outfit Details:
bathing suit // thrifted
shorts // TopShop, thrifted
shoes // Urban Outfitters

I found this amazing bathing suit at a community yard sale for $1 and I love it so much. I opted to cut the padding out of it and wear it with a strapless bra, so that it doesn't look pointy or crunchy like a lot of vintage suits do. Also, I thrifted these shorts in Portland and paid more than I ever have for thrifted clothing. There's no regrets, though- They're comfortable and flattering!

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  1. Cute outfit! I take pictures of myself with my tripod also, and I really prefer it to having someone else take the pictures for me. I'm less shy when I do it on my own, just like you, and I also like how I can take a million shots without worrying that I'm taking up too much of someone else's time.

    1. I agree 100%! I tried to get my husband to do it once (and he proposed to me at the same time!) but besides the good memory, the outfit pictures themselves weren't all that great, haha! I felt weird asking for certain angles and being like "Just take 50 pictures!"

  2. omg you got that bathing suit for a DOLLAR?! i bow down to you. and i cant believe you took these photos on your own! they turned out very pretty, and i like the creative angles. i definitely think blogging made me come out of my shell, too- i'm not embarrassed about being creative anymore :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I was SO happy when I saw the suit, and it was mixed in with some old junk from an elderly lady's house, so I assume she thought it was basically trash. Wrong! Thank you for the compliments, and I agree that blogging helps you come out as an individual. You realize there's this whole world of people who share common interests with you and it's a confidence boost!

  3. What adorable pictures. They are sooo cute. I love that suit. I have only found a few onesies that fit me right. I also LOVE that you thrifted most of that outfit!

    1. Most one pieces fit me weirdly too, but suits from the 50's and 60's generally accentuate curves and "imperfections" with the cut on the hips coming down lower. I have a few from the 80's with the high cut on the hips and they look awful on me!