Friday, May 3, 2013


Upon arriving in Seattle, Corey had an appointment with an amazing tattoo artist, Munday, who was doing a guest spot although he's originally located only a few hours from our town! It was neat to see someone from the east coast. While he was getting tattooed, I walked a couple doors down to a thrift store, and found this amazing vintage umbrella for only $3! It came in handy, after all we were in the rainy city. 

We ate dinner and called it a night. The next morning, we got to visit Fremont Market, labeled one of the best flea markets in the country! I was super excited and it definitely met my expectations. It's weird, because a flea market here means broken tables outside full of junk, and occasionally you'll find something kinda cool. Flea markets in cities are quite the opposite, with all of the rare gems you'd find in my town piled onto tables and appropriately priced a lot higher than I'm used to.

Corey wasn't enthused...

After eating lunch, we drove down to the Pike Place Market, which was equally awesome in a different way. There is so much character in all of the cities we visited and I really miss that now that I'm back home and living day to day in such a familiar small town.

We passed a place that had freshly juiced veggies, and of course I had to get some! It had a lot of beet which I'm not really fond of, but I slurped it down anyway since I paid $5 for it...

I really, really wish we'd gotten to spend more time in that lovely city, but it was Corey's favorite place that we visited, so I'm sure we'll be back someday! 


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  2. Such great photos! I love Seattle! Such a great city!

    1. Thank you! I really loved it too and hope to go back again!