Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Etsy Shop Update

Hey guys! I've updated Sick Sweet Vintage with some new items. A lot of them were found all over the country while we were on our road trip! Some are from Seattle and Austin, and a few of them are from an estate sale I went to last week. They guy was a lifelong collector of basically everything pretty. I'm sad to let them go, but I'd be such a hoarder if I kept all these pretty things to myself!

(Clicking the image will open a new window to the Etsy listing.)

+ 1978 Bone China Trinket Box +

+1950's Fire King Teacup +

+ 1960's Little Charmer Toothpick Holder +

+ Floral Pedestal Mug +

+ Colorful Shot Glasses +

I still haven't gotten around to taking photos of the clothes I have stocked up. I have some very cute pieces and I can't wait to finally get them up!

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