Friday, January 31, 2014

Shop Giveaway on Modern Girl Blitz!

Hey everyone! It's my birthday today (turning 24... whoa) so Corey and I are heading to Boone, NC for the weekend. We plan on going to Grandfather Mountain and some other waterfalls and stuff. It's been almost a year since we took a vacation so I'm really excited! Yesterday I started getting sick, so I tried to rest as much as possible. Hopefully it did the trick, and maybe my prenatal massage this morning will help. :)

I also wanted to say that Midge from Modern Girl Blitz is hosting a giveaway on her blog to win a pouch of your choice from my shop! You can enter here! Also, you should follow her blog, because she's super cute and always has awesome outfits and stuff! Giveaway ends on February 4th.


  1. Happy Birthday Kelsey!! Awesome giveaway! Enjoy your birthday weekend!

    1. A little late to respond to this, but thank you Ariana! I was semi hoping you would win the giveaway because you're one of my favorite followers. ;)