Thursday, January 2, 2014

Etsy Relaunch!

So, I launched my Etsy in March last year, but I kind of rushed in to what I wanted to do with it. I made up a bunch of earrings and hair pins, which I still like to do, but I've wanted to do something more! I learned how to make zipper pouches a few months ago and I really love doing them. I often use them as gifts, and even made them to go with tote bags for all of my mom's friends for Christmas this year.

I sucked it up and used some savings to buy a bunch of novelty designer fabrics and am so excited to say that I have relaunched my Etsy, which is now under the name Chaos Parade!

Here's a few items you can find in my shop. ;)

And for all of my readers, I'm offering 10% off your purchase until the end of January! Just use the code happy2014 at checkout. :)


  1. These little pouches are totally adorable. All your fabric is fantastic!

    1. Thanks! I finally sucked it up and bought designer fabric and the outcome was well worth it ;)