Monday, January 6, 2014

Eating Healthy Breakfasts

One of my goals for this year is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I'm already pretty knowledgable about what's in our food and how to eat well for my body, but I fall off track a lot of the time. It's not realistic for me to never have treats or eat clean 100% of the time, but it's good to aim for a healthy diet! And I don't mean diet like a temporary fix to lose weight, I mean what you eat on a daily basis. I find that when I eat a healthy breakfast, I tend to eat better meals throughout the day as well.

One of the tastiest breakfasts is to get yourself a bowl of plain greek yogurt and add fruit and a little bit of granola if you like the crunch. I've found that the best fruits to use are berries, especially frozen ones! If you buy a frozen bag of mixed berries, you can set some out in the fridge the night before, and add them in with your yogurt in the morning. They get all mushy and juicy, and it's seriously so tasty!

Another go-to breakfast for me is oatmeal. Publix has some amazing instant organic oats if you have one in your area, and if not, there are plenty of great natural brands to choose from whether you prefer instant (microwavable) or cooking them. I like adding fresh sliced banana and lots of cinnamon to mine, but if I get bored with that then I'll add some nuts and dried cranberries if I have them on hand.  

Eggs and toast is such a simple breakfast that packs nutrients, especially protein! I usually scramble two eggs and add a slice of whole wheat toast, then pile it up like the picture below. It's healthy, takes less than five minutes, and has an easy clean up. This breakfast is only about 250 calories, so you might want to add a piece of fruit or lean meat, like sliced turkey.

If you're feeling creative and want to plan ahead, go for some homemade granola bars! You can use tons of different ingredients and alter them pretty much any way you like or need. I've tried peanut butter based and apple sauce based, and they're both good! Corey prefers the apple sauce, but I'm a sucker for some good peanut butter, and it adds healthy fats. There are tons of granola bar recipes on Pinterest, and the one I sourced below is excellent as well, albeit a bit ingredient heavy for me.

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  1. All of these look so yummy and perfect for preggos! Oatmeal is definitely a go-to breakfast for me too. It's just so easy and delicious, especially when I add chopped dates and almonds to mine. The dates are so sweet I don't have to add any brown sugar or honey! I bought a giant pack of Bob's Red Mill muesli from CostCo and intend to make a tonne of granola out of it because I hate how you can only get pricey little bags at the regular supermarket!