Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Outfit: Barn Cats

Yesterday, I got outside to take some outfit pictures before this crazy cold weather comes in. I seriously hate weather talk, though, so I'll spare us both! I got this cardigan on clearance at Target right after Christmas and I wear it all the time. I think the best time to shop is right after Christmas, when everyone makes returns for the things they didn't want and the stores can't charge full price again! Makes me so happy, and I don't go broke buying new things for myself.

outfit details
jean jacket: Forever 21
hoodie: American Apparel
cardigan: Target
dress: Sammy Dress
tights: Forever 21
shoes: Forever 21

This cheap little dress was awesome the first time I wore it last summer for Corey's pre-deployment party. Since then, I've washed it (duh) and it shrank so much! It could probably fit my 10 year old niece. So obviously, I had to get some pictures in it before it goes in the good ole pile of clothes I can't wear for another six months. I cannot wait for that day, it's going to feel like a shopping spree where I don't have to spend any money. ;)


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