Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby Levi: Nursery Ideas

I've spent a lot of time on Pinterest lately (follow me!) trying to come up with some solid nursery ideas. I created a secret board to pin all the things I like most from my pins thus far, and it seems like I'm leaning towards a black and white nursery with pops of color! I really like the idea of having a simple and clean look, so that it's calming for him and still looks like a modern and creative space.

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Can we talk about how amazing these two nurseries are?! The first one is my absolute favorite, everything about it. I couldn't actually find a good link to the second one, but this one picture is enough inspiration for me. I really like the patterned rugs and variety of wall art.

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I'm definitely going to DIY a mobile because the ones that are do-it-yourself-able are so much more fun and unique! The gold and black triangle mobile kills me. The second picture isn't just to showcase the amazing deer head and garland above the crib, but also the quilt. I actually already have a plus sign pattern and fabric that's ready to be sewn together and quilted!

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For some color in the room, I'd like to have colorful crib sheets like the arrows above, or even some woodsy print like this, especially if we get some antlers to hang in his room. I like the idea of having his name above his crib, not sure why, but if I end up following through with that idea then I'd like to do some string art! It's basically free!

We're still trying to get approved for a home loan, and it's super stressful on me to not have a place to be getting prepared for all the changes! I feel like time is just running out, but I'm trying to take it easy and be patient. Not my forte these days- like I seriously just wanna strangle people for no reason sometimes, but I keep it inside, don't worry. ;)

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  1. I found a back link to your blog in my Etsy listings. For deer decor, I'm not sure if you have one near you, but West Elm often tends to have similar items like this. Also, check out Crate & Barrel for their rugs. Ikea might surprise you too. I spend many hours looking at different nurseries and pulling prints and replicating some, so if you see something in a Nursery I might be actually able to guide you in the right direction. Another great store (if you have one near you) is Land of Nod. Best of Luck - Kristin @Olive & Andrew