Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Monday #3: Inspiration

Mondays. Most people don't like them but I like to use them for motivation. This week I'm going to eat better food! I'm going to make lots of cool things! I'm going to get back on track with running! I usually don't really stick to these things, but it's worth trying? I did take Grizzly on a 4 mile walk and we stopped by the lake to so he could ponder simple dog things like why leaves were flying all over the place or why the dock was making squeaking noises. I thought about how pretty much everyone's identity in SC got stolen over the weekend. Oh well.

I've been listening to some different music lately, 'cause I find if I change it up more then I feel more inspired and that's what I based this week's playlist on. Makes me wanna get out of bed and make crafts. (Yes, it is 7:30 and I'm laying in bed.)


One day I'll figure out how to embed the stuff, or some lovely person might come along and tell me how!!

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