Friday, October 26, 2012

Heart like a kick drum.

Happy Friday!! Man, I've been so excited for this weekend. Corey and I are going to the "Deceased Farm" tonight. It's a 3D haunted house and I'm going to scream worse than a little girl. I don't deal well with being scared. At all. It's his arm that will be broken by the end of the night, though. :)

Tomorrow some friends are having a big Halloween party with a keg maze and other fun stuff. I always like going to holiday parties where it's decorated for appropriately, and guys aren't all like, "Oh, dressing up is soo lame. I just like to see hot girls." If (1) I had my own house and (2) friends that like to dress up ridiculously, I would have crazy themed parties all the time. I'm excited just thinking about the possibilities!

Okay, back on topic. All day I've been thinking about how to display my headbands. My mom told me about using a paper towel roll and covering it with fabric, but any color I think to cover it with just seems like it wouldn't make the headbands pop out. I guess I'll use that for now until one day my brain is like, duh, you should do _______!!!

The past couple hours, I've been working on some business cards. The ones I ended up making are preeetty different than I planned out but I like them so much better. Even when I get up and running and hopefully have good sales, I still like the personal touch having a hand crafted business card gives your buyer. I've really been thinking a lot about corporations (and how much I dislike them and how much they screw up the government and the world...) and I'd like to start making sure that the things I buy come from good places. That's probably the simplest way to put it.

Here's some other things I randomly did when I was bored last Sunday. Theo loved his catnip stuffed toys and I guess he decided to track down where I was hiding the stuff!

Next week I'll be posting a headband tutorial. I still want to try some new designs so I'm not totally sure which one I'll be showing, exciting nonetheless! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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