Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Austin, Texas

As promised, here's a more detailed post about our time in Austin!

On our first full day, we wandered mostly around East Austin. There was lots of cool art and things to see. We stopped at this Italian ice place where I got horchata flavored ice... SO good!

We came back to the car to find that hula girl had lost her skirt! (And ignore the bug-gutted windshield, I think we've given up on keeping it clean at this point.) Our second day, we wandered around South Congress area and visited the touristy food trucks which were SWARMING with bees. I kinda had a moment when I pulled out my camera to take a picture of my food and within seconds, there were 20 bees surrounding it/me. Then we went to East Loop for shopping per recommendation of Andrea. I was in vintage heaven!

Room Service was my favorite place that we visited, by far. It was huge and organized so well. I got a few vintage pins and brooches and tried to refrain from emptying my bank account...

I love the show Bar Rescue, where this guy goes to failing bars in the US and fixes them up to increase their business, so we had to see two places he's done in Austin. We actually didn't go in either, because they were both dead and we also heard some bad things about them from locals. Still a cool thing to see!

While going to see The Brixton, we stumbled upon a really cute house and a film crew, filming a scene for a pilot episode on ABC (I think?) called Killer Women!

Our final day in Austin was spent doing some laundry and recovering/limping around since the tattoo I got from Steve Byrne at Rock of Ages had my leg so swollen (see in my previous post). We ended up at The Ginger Man, reading some zines I picked up and trying a bunch of local beers.

Yes, I like jumping pictures and there's surely more coming! :) I'm glad that we had four days there because it really allowed us to wander around and not be rushed or short for time. As if you couldn't tell, Austin is such a cool and colorful city and I can't wait to go back!

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