Thursday, April 11, 2013

San Francisco

When we arrived in San Francisco, the first thing we did was go over the bridge... And this is what it looked like the whole time we were there!

Our first night, we were both feeling pretty homesick but decided to go out for dinner. We got on a bus (our first public transit bus ever) that made us get off, then ended up taking a cab to Haight Street for almost twenty dollars. After eating the most delicious salad ever at Squat & Gobble, we walked to a bar for a comedy night, but it had just ended and the music was extremely loud. We left to walk around, and figured that Haight is full of homeless kids that don't necessarily need to be homeless. Hard to explain, I guess.

The next day, we opted for more touristy spots, and spent a good part of the day at the Fisherman's Wharf. Although it was very crowded, it was a nicer and cleaner place to spend our time.

There were a lot of street performers, including the guy who does the space art stuff. My personal favorite was this guy, who swallowed an entire balloon, then popped it and wrapped the remains around his face! He saw me taking pictures and brought me to the front to pose for me.

Since Corey is military, we got to go onto a WWII ship for free. The ship was built by women during the war in only fifty-six days! It was really interesting to see the conditions in which the soldiers lived and worked.

Outside of the ship, there was a little museum/arcade with hundreds of vintage game machines. I was on cloud nine wandering around and looking at them. We also took got pictures inside of a restored photobooth from the 1940's!

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  1. I ahven't been to San Fran in yearsss and I want to go with Jason (we have both been, separately). I love the photobooth photos of you two and the ones of you guys in the cutouts - so cute