Thursday, April 4, 2013

City of Sin

Las Vegas was a place that Corey really wanted to visit because he loves playing poker. On Easter Sunday, we had the entire day to spend wandering. Within five minutes of leaving our hotel, we got suckered in to touring a resort with the promise of $100 in visa gift cards and $100 each in slot machine credit. They said it would take 90 minutes. It took over two hours, and at the end we got accused of wasting their time by saying no to buying property! We walked like 6 blocks to the only casino we could use our slot credit, which took all of two minutes, then found out our visa card doesn't even work! Live and learn, I suppose.

I didn't take that many pictures in Vegas mainly because it was way too crowded for me. It seems like you walk in a constant zig-zag and there's drunk people all over the place. Our second night there, I did have more fun. Corey was playing a poker game for a long time, so I hung out and played keno, which is like a bingo game. I put four dollars into a game and ended up winning 60 which was awesome! I always lose at things like that, so it was especially surprising!

The free drinks were an added bonus, so while Corey was winning back the money we spent on our hotel, I didn't really have any problem waiting around. :)

I do wish we had more time to spend looking in all of the amazing hotels, but one thing I have gotten used to during this trip is picking up and moving on. Last night I was feeling pretty homesick, but I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to keep going. I've had a lot (A LOT) of time to think on these long drives and I'm honestly excited to get back home and really make some changes in myself.


  1. I wouldn't pick Las Vegas as one of my go-to destinations but I would love to hang around with friends all day and get free drinks!

    1. I agree! I wouldn't go out of my way to visit again, but it was definitely an experience. Something you gotta do once!