Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013!

Oh my, I've really neglected my blog recently and I feel super guilty about it. The week before Christmas, I worked nonstop on finishing the embroidery for the Outback Bowl in Tampa Bay. (Which the Gamecocks won!!) I did over 1200 shirts for the team and all the faculty, and you could see everyone on the sidelines wearing them. It was such a neat thing to see! I'm sure my boyfriend tired of hearing me all like, "OMG, I did that! I sewed and touched and bagged and boxed all of those shirts!"

I worked up until Christmas Eve, and then my boyfriend and I went to see the Christmas lights. They light up the whole park with crazy things, and you pay to drive through. We were both pretty bored and disappointed, especially after sitting in traffic for over two hours to get inside. I really tried to get into the holiday spirit but honestly, I'm just not that kind of person! Hey, at least I tried?!

Christmas was really nice and relaxing. Corey surprised me with a Nikon D5100. I was so shocked, I think I barely said a word besides thank you! He totally fooled me, even the day before I opened it I was complaining about how dumb my old camera was. I'm so freaking excited to finally get my Etsy shop running! Yay!

On the 29th, some friends and I headed to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where we rented a cabin in the mountains for New Years. I have about 400 pictures from the weekend, so my next couple posts might make up for the last of visual excitement in this one. I have a lot planned for 2013. A LOT. I'm so excited. And I'm excited that I have this place to share it all, and hope it continues to grow. :) I'm off to get a new tattoo, and I'll be back to regular blog posting tomorrow. Hope you all had a great holiday, Christmas, New Year's, and all that good stuff!

Here's a photo a friend took of me looking real haggard whilst appreciating mountain views.