Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals.

I don't really like making "resolutions", like I'm totally committed to do or not do this certain thing, and if I don't resolve to doing said things, then I have failed. And then in December, I'll just feel inadequate after watching everyone who's accomplished all of their "resolutions". So I made it easier for myself, and I'm going to call them goals.

I'm also in the process of creating a "24 before 24" goal list since I turn 23 this month, so I tried to keep my 2013 goals relatively straight-forward. Since I'm making this other goal list, my 2013 goals don't look too exciting... Hmm.

Focus on healthy eating and exercise
I don't talk much about it here, but I'm very into nutrition and eating well. I kind of (okay, COMPLETELY) let go of it on Thanksgiving, and just gave up until now. I eventually quit feeling guilty and it was quite possibly one of the best decisions I've ever made! I'm having a hard time with this one at the moment.

Gain financial stability
My job is only giving me around 25 hours a week, and it's really not enough. I worked a ton before Christmas and worked my hiney off, too. I'm waiting until around March to ask for a raise, if I'm not full-time by then. Since I'm the most responsible and stable I've ever been, I'm excited to start a REAL savings account. One that I don't draw from every month to pay a water bill.

Open Like the Fox Vintage
I've been talking about this for a while, but I kept using my lack of a camera as an excuse. I know that you're not really supposed to do a "grand opening" for Etsy and just list what you have, but I think the quality of the pictures makes a huge difference. So now that I don't have the camera excuse, I'll be getting on that...

Be consistent on the blog
I just started this thing like two months ago, and I'm already falling behind. I thought starting one would aid in my awful procrastinating, but it really hasn't. Time to change. :)

My goal list isn't near as exciting as some of the other ones I've read, but I'm really more excited about my "24 before 24". I'll post that sometime in the next week. (Or two?) What are your goals for the New Year? Or does your brave self call them resolutions?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Those are really great goals, and you can totally pull it off! Rooting for you!