Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Wishlist.

My birthday is on Thursday, and in lieu of my new shopping problem I decided I'd go virtual window shopping instead! Last week during ModCloth's cabin fever sale, I placed my first order for three items. I got a gorgeous blue coat, which my fiance said I look like a smurf in, and two pretty dresses. Then, I went dress shopping with my mom and two sisters this weekend and ended up spending a little too much money on a badbutt leather vest. (You'll see tomorrow...)

In my money-filled and guilt-free world, these would be on their way to me:

Instant Awesome // Typography Print

Nicola Rowlands // Wild & Free

American Apparel // Chiffon Blouse

Cute Streak Designs // Breaking Bad Poster

Herbivore Botanicals // Floral Facial Mask

I am such a big fan of Nicola Rowlands and Herbivore Botanicals, so those were the two things I KNEW would be on my wishlist. I'm also starting a collection of prints and posters to fill up a wall once Corey and I get a place of our own. And of course, clothes. Duh. Although I'm not actually getting anything on this list, it was quite exciting to make. Yay!

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