Monday, November 5, 2012

Music Monday #4: Back down south.

Today at work, the lady who works in the embroidery room with me asked me to share a booth with her at a craft fair coming up. How exciting!! She has taught me pretty much everything I know about embroidery, and she's crafty in her own ways, too. She bakes cakes as a second job and sells homemade wreaths, too. I haven't seen any yet, but she'll be selling them at the craft fair. This is really just the push I needed to start actually getting things done. I've got a little less than a month to decide which online store I want to use, get it running, make business cards (I'm making them all by hand), and actually have an inventory.

Tomorrow I'll show you guys some pictures of some stuff I've been working on, and also some pictures from Halloween and this past weekend. My boyfriend and I dressed up as grandma and grandpa, it was hilarious! I know I said I would be posting a tutorial last weekend but I've really been slacking and it's no good. :(

It is Music Monday, so I'll leave you with this Kings of Leon video. It's one of my favorite songs by them and reminds me of what (little) I DO like about living in the south. I find it hard to like a song after watching the music video, but I think the video is really well put together.


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