Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Clothing origin.

I know, not really a happy topic... but I wanted to talk about something important. Child labor is a serious problem, and not only child labor but poor working conditions and treatment of employees. I watch a lot of documentaries, and most recently I've not been able to stop thinking about The Corporation. Working in embroidery, we work with a lot of different name brand clothing such as Under Armour, Champion, Real Tree, Nike, and so on. Champion clothing was the last produced in the USA until 2002, but has since moved factories down to Mexico.


I don't really want to throw around the term "sweatshop" so I will make it my point that IT MATTERS where your clothes come from. As little as 2% of clothing sold in America is made in America. There are very few companies that fully manufacture all of their garments. I'm not saying to quit buying anything you haven't done your research on, I'm just asking you to educate yourselves. To know where it's all coming from. As a consumer, all we can do is spread the knowledge and make the choice of buying handmade, fair trade, and eco-friendly products. Or you can take the easy way, and buy vintage clothing!

Outfit Details:
Ring - Flower ring by Mata Traders
Brooch - Fleet Fox by Dear Winsome on Etsy
Scarf - Tye-dyed scarf by Mata Traders
Top - Ripple Tide Top by ModCloth
Jeans - Spring in Every Season by ModCloth
Leather Boots - GINA by Johansen

Sadly, this outfit took me FOREVER to combine considering everything came from a reputable source. We can make a difference by making simple or dramatic changes by what you purchase. I hope you all take something from this and feel free to comment or ask me any questions you might have!


  1. Very interesting and makes one stop and think!! Thanks for the eye-opener.
    I love to shop for vintage clothing and vintage "stuff" in general.

    And I love the outfit you picked out!!

  2. This outfit is so cute! Love the combination! :)