Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Master Bedroom Inspiration

The other day, my mom and I were at TJ Maxx and I found this little faux fur pillow on clearance. This led us to a faux fur throw, and my obsession was born! Buying those two items really changed my idea for our master bedroom and now I think about it probably way too much. I tend to like really intense decor, with straight lines and bold colors. Corey likes rustic, cozy rooms so I've been trying to marry the two ideas and come up with something that suits both of us.

1 // 2

I love these first two for many reasons. My favorite things would have to be the lighting in both rooms and the "end table" in the second photo. I love the idea of hanging string lights to add some warmth when the lights are off.

3 // 4

These two rooms are definitely my favorites that I've come upon so far. I'm having a time deciding if I want to paint the walls white or a deep blue-ish like in picture four. I think we might end up doing a blue accent wall. Comfortable bedding is a must-have since we'll be cherishing every minute of sleep we can get. ;) 

5 // 6

I think if we do a blue accent wall (or even if we don't) then those Ikea curtains would look great in the room. Our bed will be sitting in between two windows so curtains would go on both sides. I think a couple black and white prints would look great framed up above the bed, or maybe a shelf like this, to stack some pictures on and eliminate the need for a side table. 

I am so excited to finally get started on all of this. We have a termite inspection on Friday and once that is cleared, we're almost done closing on the house! I know making a home takes time, but I just can't wait to see it all start coming together.

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