Thursday, August 29, 2013

Outfit: Garnet & Black

Life surely hasn't slowed down. Not one bit. How do people blog with full time jobs? I don't understand! Haha. I'm working on a new schedule for myself and improving on how I spend my time. I feel like I waste so much of it! After my double at work today, USC plays their first game of the season so I'm excited to get home, see some friends, and watch football!

I realized today that I have nothing garnet (one of the USC colors) in my closet. This cardigan was the only thing, and it's a friend's! Sounds like I need to do some shopping. ;)

outfit details
cardigan: borrowed from a friend
top: Kohl's
jeans: TJ Maxx
shoes: Kohl's

Looking at these pictures makes me realize how long my hair has gotten. Almost two years ago, I shaved my head and it has taken me that long to get my hair where it is now. I'd really like to do a post on how I shaved my head and the effects it had on me. It sounds like a silly thing, but it really changed me! I cannot wait for it to grow more, especially since this is the longest it's ever been!


  1. Don't think I told you but I'm really loving those bangs on you!

  2. Matt and I were on campus today noticing all of the garnet...people sure do love their colors here! : )
    And yeah...blogging with a full time job is no easy feat. I need to be a better time manager as well.

    1. Oh yeah, Carolina football is all people care about haha. Managing your time wisely is always a work in progress, but we do it somehow!

  3. I was just thinking how much I really like your hair and it is lovely.

  4. your hair is just so darling! i adore your bangs!

    lindsey louise