Thursday, February 19, 2015

DIY Nursing & Teething Necklace

I'm posting here today for the mamas and the babies. This DIY is so simple it doesn't really require a post, but I see a lot of ladies in my local breastfeeding group paying a lot of money for nursing necklaces. I admit, I bought one for almost $20 when one day I had enough of getting smacked in the face while nursing Levi. This necklace is also so great for teething, since the silicone feels great on their gums!

You will need:
Parachute cord with safety clasps (I purchased mine here)
Food-grade silicone beads (purchased here)

All I did was figure out the way I wanted the beads to look and then place them on the string. After that, put the other end of the clasp on and then tie a knot. Place your beads so that they will hang evenly, then tie a knot on both sides to keep them in place. Fasten and enjoy!

Baby approved! I love that these necklaces provide relief for both of us and they still look stylish. I even wear mine to work sometimes. I was able to make two necklaces for only $18!

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