Friday, March 14, 2014

Living Room Inspiration

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Our living room is extremely open and spacious, so I've been trying to figure out how to close it in a little bit since filling it up isn't exactly in our budget! While I would love a bright & colorful couch, I'm not ready to keep it clean while raising our first child. Instead I'm thinking of white walls with lots of color added in through other things. I love the cardboard mounted deer head in the first photo, and the modern, happy feel of the second living room. (I've actually been eyeing that living room for years, it's so perfect! Click the link for more pictures.)

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Since we have so much room, I'd love to fill a wall with prints, or build a cubed bookshelf to sit against the wall. I have some serious coffee table envy from all of these photos I've been pouring over. I really love Scandinavian style though, so I think we will go with some light birch wood touches.

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My heart is set on this Ikea sectional sofa! Having a sectional would really help control the space since it's shared with a dining room, and the gorgeous gray color is perfect. It's been so hard finding prints that I want to hang in the living room, but I really enjoy these two. It's funny, because when I don't have money, I look at prints I want to buy for days. When I do have money and want to buy them, I can never decide! Whatever ends up on the walls, I cannot wait to put it there.

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