Friday, March 28, 2014

Craft Room Inspiration

The craft room has honestly been the last room I've thought about decorating! Having our living room, bedroom, and nursery ready took priority, so I'm just starting to think about how I want to put my craft room together. Luckily, Corey and I both get our own rooms to do whatever we want with. :)


1 // 2

As you can tell from the before picture, the room is pretty spacious! I bought some storage stuff from Michael's when it was 50% off so I'll be making good use of that. I really like the open shelving in the first picture and how pretty all the washi tape looks stacked up that way. I have a desk that I painted teal last year and was in my previous craft room, but I'd love to have a big ole table like in the second picture.

3 // 4

Until a big table is an affordable option, I'll probably put my desk against the wall like in pictures 3 and 4. I love the use of peg boards in craft rooms! Since the walls are white right now, I'll probably get a peg board and spray paint it a bright color. Again, I'm digging the shelving in all of these rooms!

5 // 6

I like to be pretty organized, so having places to store all of my supplies is important to me! There are so many ways to store fabric (like in a file cabinet) but I like this cheap idea of using plastic drawers. I can't wait to post pictures of how the craft room is coming along! 


  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with. I just did a craft room in my house. Waiting on a sunny day to photograph it. It's about done, I just don't have any cute open storage yet.

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