Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY: Quilt Rack Makeover

Months before I even found out I was pregnant, I found this dingy little quilt rack at a thrift store for five dollars. It was rusted and beat up, but I just knew it had potential. When I found out I was pregnant and was reminded of my purchase, I knew it was time for the makeover! This project cost me a total of $9.


First, I easily took it apart and sanded the rust off.

Then I put it back together, and made sure to tape off the feet with painters tape.

Then I used glossy white enamel spray paint, which was four dollars at Lowe's. I left it in the garage to dry overnight. Actually, it was left to dry for about two weeks until I finally took the tape off and got the final result pictures! Haha. 

I love how it turned out! My mom also made the quilt that is sitting on the rack for Levi's nursery! It's super awesome and I'm in love with the bold red border on it. I'll get a better picture of the quilt and show it off real soon! ;)

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