Monday, September 16, 2013

Soda City Market

This past Saturday, I finally got a chance to revisit the Soda City Market! I've been working every Saturday for almost two months, so I was excited to finally get out there again. Corey thought he had drill, so I was going to go alone, but he called me and said he didn't have it anymore and came to meet me there.

Before the pictures mislead you, I'll just explain what really went down. Grizzly is very well behaved and has awesome manners, but in public his training kinda disappears.  He doesn't listen, he pulls on the leash CONSTANTLY, and wants to sniff everyone that walks by. I'm trying to scope out these cool lamps made from vintage thermoses and take a picture, while he's pulling on his leash and the creator is describing his process.

We walk away from the scene and Grizzly meets a German Shepherd. They don't like each other all that much so we reroute our path and turn around. I'm dodging jelly samples but take a few minutes to seriously contemplate trying a Dahli Palmer (pictured above). He makes eye contact and I end up walking away. We finally make it to the end, and I'm snapping one last picture when an elderly man asks if we would like to be better gardeners. Well, duh!

He proceeded to describe his magazine, page by page. Ten minutes in, I fake a phone call and come back saying we have to go. Five minutes after that, Mr. Duck Man (I'm not being mean, he actually called himself that) is telling us how he fed a stray cat fried flounder at Lizard's Thicket that morning. I'm still thinking to myself about how he was eating fried flounder at eight in the morning. Ew. 

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