Monday, July 14, 2014

DIY: Vintage Step Stool Chair

Almost a year ago, I found this chair on the side of the road. I swiftly turned around and stuffed the dirty thing in my trunk. I set it in the garage for a few months and kept debating whether or not it was worth fixing up because it was so dirty and rusted. While working on another project, we used a palm sander to sand the top of the chair and it came out so nicely that I knew we had to keep it! So I went and got paint and a butt load of painters tape and this beauty was born!

The first two pictures are from before we did anything but wipe it down a little bit. Then we used a wire brush attachment on the end of a power drill to get all the rust off the chair. This took some time, because there was a lot of rust! Then we used some enamel primer to paint a few coats on top of the seat because it was the most damaged part of the chair.

I spent probably an hour putting tape on this thing, it was so aggravating! But I wanted to make this thing beautiful, so I made sure to do a good job taping it up. Afterward, I took it outside and put two coats of red glossy spray paint, letting it dry between coats. I think it looks perfect in Levi's room!


  1. So cute!! I've been wanting to get rattan furniture for our patio and spray it gold -- you make it look easy; now I have to stop being lazy. And Levi!! What a little nugget!

  2. Wow, I'm totally impressed! This refurbishment looks amazing. I also love the way it looks in Levi's room. Totally jealous of your skills!

  3. love this! you did such a wonderful job!

  4. Wow you did an amazing job on that chair! It hardly looks like the same one you found on the side of the road! And I really love that red color.

    Little Lady Little City