Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life Lately.

 My first project I tackled since the unexpected unemployment was creating my craft room. I cleared out the spare room, organized all my supplies that had been in boxes and dresser drawers, painted the room, fixed up a $10 desk from Craigslist, and started putting it all together. It's still in progress, but the most important part for me is having a place where I feel comfortable and inspired. I love having white walls and piecing in pops of color. Next project: Hanging a wall of screen prints!

I've been working on organizing and photographing my vintage collection for my Etsy shop. I changed the name, made my shop policies and now all that left is listing the items. (My favorite part...) I'm quite fond of the things I've found over the past two years, so going back though them, I want to keep them all! 

I've also started working with my sister's dogs, Jax and Baylie. Baylie is a total angel, but Jax is a little different. He comes off as aggressive but I think he just needs lots of love and attention, so mainly I'll be working with him.

The wedding is just a couple of weeks away (I guess I haven't properly explained our situation on here, but I'll get to that one day.) so I've been finalizing lots of the little details. I finally got the invitations printed and sent out. I've got my last trip to the florist today!

I found this book in a friend's shed the day after I lost my job, and it just felt right to pick it up. I'm still only on the first chapter, but it's very hands on. Answering lots of questions and then creating a "map" with the answers. It goes through many chapters. I'm trying not to read ahead to get the full effect, so I hope it benefits me in the ways that I'm expecting.

Mostly I've just been looking for any kind of inspiration. I've come across some amazing blogs, been reading magazines, and trying to remember the little things. Emily from Tea Tree recently had a post on motivation and getting inspired that really stuck a chord inside me. I used to tell myself and my friends these tips but over the years I seem to have misplaced that. I've been observing a lot more, and generally just feeling more about everything I see.

What's going on in your life recently?
Are you stopping to appreciate the magic in being alive?
To me, it's just important that you're trying.


  1. Your wedding invites!! So cute - how exciting! You must be so excited. And that pup is a total cutie. My dog used to come off as agressive to other dogs, but she was just an idoit at play and plays hard.

    1. Thank you! A lot of people freak out just seeing a hyper dog, but Jax is another story! He's small, but he's incredibly strong and a chomper, too. :( He's on a shock collar right now which I hate, so my main goal is to get him to be more obedient without it.

  2. Your wedding invites are so sweet!

    1. Thanks! It was actually a free template from weddingchicks.com. :)

  3. What a cool desk! I really love the color:)
    That book sounds really interesting as well.

    And good luck with listing all your litems!


    1. Thank you! I had to return paint twice because I wasn't sure which color to choose, but I love it! I actually JUST finished listing all of my items and opened my shop so I'm super excited right now. :) Thanks for your comment! <3