Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chicken Adventures

Recently, Corey and I got some chickens and two ducks. We originally bought 3 chickens and then ordered 9 more online. Yes, I went and picked them up from the post office! I've been really interested in homesteading for a while now, and since we bought our house in the winter, we hadn't done too much. We finally got around to building a coop (but that's for another post) and getting the chickens. We've been housing them in a brooder until they get a little bit bigger and don't need as much protection. They are so cute and fun to watch, but a lot of work!

We have to pick out the wood chips from their feeder daily and from their water multiple times a day. They like to kick the wood chips all around the place, so they land in the water constantly. Their water also has to be fortified with electrolytes, and they drink a lot of water! We just removed the heat lamp and placed them outside a few days ago, and the next step will be moving them to the coop! There are actually 19 chicks and 2 ducks in the brooder right now, because we're housing the other chicks for my parents until they get a little bigger. I'll share more updates on them as we make progress!

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