Monday, October 28, 2013

Pregnancy: First Trimester Essentials

Since my first trimester is almost over (I think that calls for a happy dance...) I thought I'd put together a little list of some things that have kept me going for the past 7 weeks! All of these items can be found at Target except for the Breaking Bad mug, which is from Etsy. 

Every one of these items revolves around one thing, and that is relaxing. The biggest problem for me hasn't been the nausea or fatigue, but the change in my emotions. I'm a pretty independent person, but lately I've felt so needy. I like Corey to be with me all the time, which has made things a little rocky for me and my tear ducts!

 Baths. I've been all about some baths. When things start feeling a little stressful, I start filling up the bathtub. This Burt's Bees body wash smells amazing, and since I'm not big on bubbles, it's my favorite thing to use. Grabbing a good book and soaking in hot water is perfect for de-stressing.

Candles. Many a candle have been burned lately. I love amber and woodsy scents, and not too big on sweet smells lately. This black orchid & amber candle smells amazing and is so relaxing!

Comfy pajamas. When I'm at home, I'm in my pajamas. Investing in a comfortable pair of pajamas is necessary to still feeling cute when you're lazing around and adjusting to your changing body.

Warm drinks. Since I've had to limit my caffeine intake, I've started drinking other things like apple cider and hot chocolate. This dark chocolate cocoa mix from Target is so good! & it's always nice to drink out of an awesome mug like this one found on Etsy.

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  1. Eek!! I didn't know you were pregnant!! Congratulations lady!!!